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We are an Australian Website and provide the BEST ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE that you can get along with the same excellent quality, range of choice and service you would expect when you go shop at your favorite supermarket.

Quality, timely delivery, customer satisfaction, great value and excellence are what we have been associated with for years since our inception. Our customers are happy with what we have to offer to them because we know how to handle their trust with care.

At 247Needs, shopping has been SIMPLIFIED! Whatever you want, it's just a click away!

247Needs Mission

"Our mission is to provide consumers and businesses with a perfect, user-friendly online shopping experience at the best wholesale prices through a comfortable, secure online process which can be easily monitored. We aim to improve people's lives by being an accessible online supermarket."

We want to hear what you want.

So please leave your feedback/Comments thru account on 247Needs or on Contact us page.

If you're a seller, you want to take advantage of marketing your product through the internet because everyone you know seems to be engaged in that. Does the online buying and selling concept scare you because it seems impossible to know who you can trust???

Read our "Sell" section to see how you can make use of our ready made platform with huge customer base, without reinventing IT wheel of having your own website.

About the Company

247Needs is an Australian-based business in VIC (Registered ABN: 86 503 475 405). As an Australian Business, we are bound by the Australian Consumer Protection Act and governed by regulations under Australian Law. We are the birth of IT and marketing experts who have strived to provide their customers with a safe and secured online experience.

247Needs - Enjoy Shopping with us - Somebody who cares