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Save time & Money with 247Needs

Are you juggling to give time to your family, work, friends & most importantly to yourself??

Do you have to rush to market after a hectic schedule??

Do you get trapped with tricky sales stunts??

You have to admit that managing time today is a clever art. Time slicing has never been so hard. You have to give time to your family, your work, your friends and of course, to yourself. While you are juggling with all this, you need to keep your fridge stocked, buy that new frying pan that your neighbor just bought and some soothing coconut oil for your hair. But you really don't have the time to get all this. After a hectic work-week, you HAVE to rush to the supermarket, walk along those aisles searching for products, choose among the wide variety of choices that you are flashed with, and stand in long queues at the cashier. You could have spent that time with your kids or treated yourself with a relaxing spa instead!!!


No more waiting for weekend!!

No more hours of searching for a space to park!!

No more waiting in those queues!!!


It's all been taken care by 247Needs, because here we make your lives easier.

You CAN get all the time you want, by letting 247Needs simplify your life.

  • You just have to log on to our website, choose from whatever product you want, add it to a virtual cart and voila, you just need to checkout and that too online!
  • All this at your own pace and comfort, at whatever hour of the day!
  • Home Delivery

Are you concerned with Pricing, Quality & Brands?

You don't need to be because we only sell quality brands, at wholesale prices and deliver it to you at your doorstep at affordable rates! Can you imagine shopping with savings??? With us you can. So, you need to just relax and order with a click of a mouse button.

Is using 247Needs time consuming?

Why would it be? With our team of well-managed technical people, 247Needs provides a secured online shopping experience. With a wide assortment of products on a single platform, all your daily needs are met at this one-stop shop solution. The added advantage of saving your regular items and brands allows you to select them easily the next time you place an order with us. 247Needs knows that your time and money are precious, so it works to provide you with satisfaction and works with dedication. It aims to revolutionize the entire shopping experience.